RS Slab Electro Reviewed in Guitar Player and The ToneQuest Report!

We’re thrilled that the RS Slab Electro was recently the subject of review in two of our favorite industry publications: Guitar Player Magazine and The ToneQuest Report. We’ve made the reviews available on the Slab Electro Page and below. Check them out! And thanks again to our friends at Guitar Player and The ToneQuest Report for highlighting our work!

Guitar Player: May 2013 RS Gear Roundup

The ToneQuest Report: RS Slab Electro Review

  1. C.L. Bland III 06/01/2013, 8:58 pm Reply

    I have been wondering what the Fabulous Superlatives have been playing recently. Made in Ky.(?!?!?!) I did not know that there is a guitar mfgr. in this state! Learn somethin’ new everyday! Keep up the good work! Best Wishes to one and all @ RS!

  2. Scott campbell 09/01/2017, 10:00 am Reply

    I just want to thank the people at rs guitarworks for being awesome to me. They are located down the street from my house so when I needed braided wire for a pickup change out they were only too happy to invite me into their shop and cut the wire I needed from their own shop supplies and hand packaged it for me . I was also offered advise and told to give them a call if I ran into trouble. AWESOME PEOPLE ,AWESOME GUITARS. THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!!

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