Restoring Rich Robinson’s Flood Damaged Gibson ES-335

Severe flood and black mold damage threatened this 1963 Gibson ES-335 belonging to Rich Robinson.

Recently, RS Guitarworks was tasked to take on one of our most challenging restoration jobs ever. While we are experts in full restorations and repair of flood damaged guitars, taking on Rich Robinson’s Gibson ES-335 that was thought ruined after Hurricane Sandy tested us at every turn. But with our innovation, perseverance, and patience – we were able to fully restore, in not only operation, but also vintage, this guitar to it’s glory once again.

We’ve written a more detailed story, complete with a 70(!) picture step-by-step gallery of the process – and we hope you’re as excited to read about it as we were to work on it. You won’t believe how bad this guitar looked when it came in, or how great it looked when it went out.

It’s a great story, and we’re proud to share it with you. Check it out at the link below:

Saving Rich Robinson’s 335

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