Solar Flair


Solar Flair

The Solar Flair series of guitars came about from additional notes from the building of the “Bullets and Bones” guitar for Joe Perry of Aerosmith. Joe wanted a guitar built to resemble a Winchester rifle, that would look like part of the gun’s receiver, complete with engraving. We decided that if we did a metal top guitar – it needed to be aluminum and inlayed in to the top to accurately replicate the look of the parts found on the famous rifles. This led to the original guitar, dubbed, “The Admiral.” When Joe received the guitar he put it right into use on stage. What started out as a one-off production – ended up sounding so good we decided to make a full model – and the Solar Flair was born.

These guitars sound like nothing else out there, and have a sound best described as “powerful.” With their set neck construction, aluminum top, and Sustainmaster bridge combine to make a guitar that – while weighing less that most Les Pauls – sounds huge and fat, and rings like a bell.

The Solar Flair comes in two versions: Standard and Artist Original. The standard model has an aged aluminum top with an engraved RS logo between the pickups and pinstripe running around the edge. The artist original series are each uniquely acid-etched and numbered. With this series, no two guitars will ever be the same – and full customization of color and personalized graphic options are available.


Body Wood: Mahogany (Optional Korina or Walnut)
Neck Wood: Mahogany (Optional Korina or Walnut)
Radius: 10″
Fret Size: Schoolbus
Pickups: TV Jones Powertron Bridge and Lindy Fralin Hum Canceling P-90 Neck
Electronics: RS Superpot, CTS Audio Tone, Switchcraft Jack & Switch & RS/Luxe Cap
Bridge: RS Sustainmaster
Tuners: Hipshot
Hardware: Aged Nickel/Aluminum
Strings: Ernie Ball .010-.046
Custom G&G Case

More Solar Flair Images:

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