Contour Greenguard


Contour Greenguard

The Contour Greenguard is our take on the classic design of 1959-1962 with its alder body and rosewood board. We chose the parts we liked from each year and added a flatted radius, larger frets, our own US made tremolo with Raw Vintage saddles and springs for a classic guitar with none of the issues found in the originals. The Greenguard has a warmer tone than it’s Whiteguard Brother making it a great choice from blues and Rock players alike.


Body Wood: Alder
Neck Wood: Maple/Rosewood
Fret Size: 6105
Neck Shape: Fat C
Pickups: Custom Lindy Fralin Vintage Set
Electronics: RS Superpot, CTS Audio Tones, CRL Switch, Switchcraft Jack & RS/Luxe Cap
Bridge: RS Custom with Aluminum Block, Raw Vintage Saddles and Springs
Tuners: Klusons
 Aged Nickel
Strings: Ernie Ball .010-.046
Case: Custom G&G Case

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