Contour Bass ’54


Contour Bass ’54

The Contour 54 Bass is our twist on what would have happened if the J bass was designed in 1954. This bass uses all classic parts and twists that were in play at that time, but where never put together on one bass till now. Everything about this bass screams classic, but unique. It’s an amazing bass that can do it all and look cool at the same time.


Body Wood: Ash
Neck Wood: One-Piece Maple
Fret Size: 6105
Radius: 10″
Neck Shape: Thin C
Pickups: Custom Lindy Fralin 51P Pickups
Electronics: CTS Concentric Pots, Switchcraft Jack, and RS/Luxe Guitarcap
Bridge: Vintage
Hardware: Aged Nickel
Tuners: Hipshot Featherweight
Strings: Ernie Ball .045-.105
Case: Custom G&G Case

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