Dealer Information

Dealer Information

Thank you for your consideration in becoming a dealer for RS Guitarworks, Inc.

We strive to produce the best custom guitars for the money, and we look forward to supplying your company with the best custom guitars that you can find.

We offer generous dealer packages on RS Guitarworks products for interested businesses. For more information on our terms and options, download our information from the links below.

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Why Choose RS Guitars & Parts For Your Store?

RS has 24 years experience in guitar building and repairs.

We have 18 years experience restoring vintage guitars.

We have been doing aged guitars for 15 years (longer than any major company).

We do not use off the shelf Licensed bodies or necks. All RS necks are made for RS using the finest CNC machines and the highest quality wood that can be found; thenhand shaped by RS insuring each neck is unique. RS bodies are also either specifically made for RS Guitarworks or made in shop by hand using wood selected and tap tested by RS owners Roy Bowen and Scott Leedy.

All RS guitars are finished with a custom blended Nitrocellulose lacquer and applied thinly in our climate controlled paint department. All finishes are cured for at least one month. All checking on our guitars are 100% natural with no razor blades or compressed air used to ensure a very authentic look.

RS works with many of the best pickup makers to design pickups just for use in our guitars that are not available on any other guitars.

RS broke new ground in upgraded guitar electronic components over six years ago; (many fine guitar builders and professional players now use our components) so in each Old Friend we meticulously hand choose just the right value pots and style, value of caps to dial in the guitar to be the very best it can be. This ensures that each Old Friend’s electronics are unique to that guitar.

Many of the parts used on each RS guitar are made just for RS to our exacting specs to ensure they are the best available.

RS uses the finest parts available including; Switchcraft Jacks, CRL switches, RS SuperPots made by CTS, RS GuitarCaps, Jensen capacitors, Luxe Capacitors, Electrosockets, Glendale bridges, TonePros Tuners, Raw Vintage saddles and springs, Lindy Fralin Pickups, and TV Jones Pickups.

Whenever possible we use parts made in the USA and we feel we have a higher percentage of US made parts than any other guitar of this type.

Each guitar is hand aged by RS Vice President Roy Bowen.

Final inspection for each guitar is by RS President Scott Leedy.

All RS guitars are allowed to settle in for two weeks before delivery to ensure a stable guitar.

All RS guitars include a lifetime warranty to the original owner and a toll free number to use if you have any questions of problems with your guitar.