About RS Guitarworks

RS Guitarworks began as a dream of two men determined to do what they love for a living: designing and building the finest handcrafted guitars available on the market today. From that humble beginnings in a basement, we’ve grown to into a premier service and design provider. We are, first and foremost, a team. Learn a little bit about who we are in the short bios below!

Scott Leedy


I fell in love with music when I was 10, and started playing when I was 13 and loved it.  My background in woodworking combined with my love of music and playing guitars led me to designing and building guitars for a living.

Time with Company: 16 Years (Co-Founder, 1996)
From: Lexington, KY

Roy Bowen

Vice President

Since I started playing, working on guitars and building them is all I have wanted to do.  I’m very lucky to be doing what I love for a living.

Time with Company: 16 Years (Co-Founder, 1996)
From: Winchester, KY

Joey Lentz

Office Manager, Parts Manager/Aging

Graduated from the University of Kentucky.  I found RS in 2005 through a friend and never left.  I love helping people fix, restore and upgrade their guitars.

Time with Company: 7 years
From: Lousiville, KY

Billy Compton

Guitar Technician

I’ve played guitar all of my life and love everything about guitars.  Helping people get their guitars sounding their best for a living is icing on the cake.

Time with Company: 6 years
From: Syracuse, NY

Monti Weaver

Woodworking, Painting, Inlay/Binding

I moved to Richmond in 2003 and found RS through a friend in 2006. I love working with guitars and being able to help fix and build guitars for a living is a blessing.

Time with Company: 5 years
From: London, KY